Yellowstone’s Brave Heart ”Layla”

Australian Shepherd Züchter aus Krefeld (NRW)

Yellowstone’s Brave Heart ”Layla”

Lay­la is the daugh­ter of our Jo­sie, and from the very be­gin­ning, we found her de­me­an­or and beau­tiful mar­kings to be be­wit­ching. We pro­mi­sed our­sel­ves not to keep a pup­py from this lit­ter, but as is ge­ne­ral­ly the case, life gets in the way of the best laid plans, and the odd pup­py ma­na­ges to com­ple­te­ly wrap its­elf around your fin­ger. She was al­ways the litt­le one we felt clo­sest to, and we never pas­sed up a chan­ce to pick her up and pet her.

Lay­la de­mons­tra­tes many of the be­ha­vi­ors of her mo­ther, Jo­sie. For in­s­tance, she greets our cat the same way: by sti­cking her nose into her rear end :- ) Just like Jo­sie, Lay­la has mas­te­red ba­lan­cing on her hind legs to in­ves­ti­ga­te ob­jects held in our hands. She is very at­ten­ti­ve to our every move and lis­tens with rapt at­ten­ti­on to our ex­pl­ana­ti­on of the func­tions of a coffeemaker.


Lay­la loves to run up and down – pre­fer­a­b­ly all day long – whe­re­ver the­re is so­me­thing in­te­res­t­ing to watch. She li­kes to climb onto the two lar­ger dogs, Jo­sie and Mai­sy. She is not afraid to pick on them – and even if she gets re­pri­man­ded by them in their gent­le ways – that will not stop her from laun­ching an­o­ther ”at­tack.” Lay­la is a litt­le more calm than her sis­ters, but no­ne­thel­ess a very ac­ti­ve dog – no gre­at sur­pri­se gi­ven that her par­ents were su­per athletes.

Test Results

HDB1 frei
ED0 frei
OCD0 frei
MDR1(+/+) frei
HSF4(+/+) frei (gen)
CEA(+/+) frei
PRA(+/+) frei
NCL(+/+) frei
DM(+/+) frei
Di­lute(+/+) frei (gen)
Brachy­urie(+/+) frei
Ge­bisskorr. vollst. Schere


Even as a pup­py, Lay­la dis­play­ed su­pe­rio­ri­ty over her sis­ters, and a quick glan­ce in the di­rec­tion of her siblings was en­ough to keep them at bay. She has a high frus­tra­ti­on th­res­hold and is very quick, par­ti­cu­lar­ly with re­gard to rip­ping lea­ves and bran­ches from flower pots undetected.

Like her mo­ther and fa­ther, Lay­la is high­ly in­tel­li­gent and a quick stu­dy. When play­ing with toys de­si­gned to enhan­ce a dog’s in­tel­li­gence, it only ta­kes her a few se­conds to fi­gu­re out which parts she has to move in or­der to reach the food. Even as a pup­py, she ex­pres­sed a gre­at in­te­rest in lear­ning tricks. Lay­la, just like her par­ents, is a dog that knows ever­y­thing bet­ter and con­stant­ly tri­es to get her way.

What is par­ti­cu­lar­ly amusing about her is the way she wig­gles her butt, which has ear­ned her the nick­na­me, Dancer. Her mo­ve­ments are so exag­ge­ra­ted that you would swear her spi­ne is made of fi­sh­bo­nes. The con­cept of butt wiggling ta­kes on a who­le new mea­ning with Lay­la. It is al­most frigh­tening how si­mi­lar Lay­la is to Josie.

Lay­la is an ex­tre­me­ly agi­le dog that is al­ways on the go and wants to be amu­sed by ever­y­thing. With stran­gers, she of­ten shows ty­pi­cal Aus­sie re­ser­ve at first, but then her pen­chant for snugg­ling, cou­pled with her pas­si­on to run around, co­mes into full play 🙂

We are very proud of Lay­la and are eager to find out how she will de­ve­lop further 🙂


We will have to wait on that a litt­le while 🙂