Yellowstone’s Brave Heart „Layla“

Australian Shepherd Züchter aus Krefeld (NRW)

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Yellowstone’s Brave Heart „Layla“

Layla is the daughter of our Josie, and from the very beginning, we found her demeanor and beautiful markings to be bewitching. We promised ourselves not to keep a puppy from this litter, but as is generally the case, life gets in the way of the best laid plans, and the odd puppy manages to completely wrap itself around your finger. She was always the little one we felt closest to, and we never passed up a chance to pick her up and pet her.

Layla demonstrates many of the behaviors of her mother, Josie. For instance, she greets our cat the same way: by sticking her nose into her rear end :- ) Just like Josie, Layla has mastered balancing on her hind legs to investigate objects held in our hands. She is very attentive to our every move and listens with rapt attention to our explanation of the functions of a coffeemaker.


Layla loves to run up and down – preferably all day long — wherever there is something interesting to watch. She likes to climb onto the two larger dogs, Josie and Maisy. She is not afraid to pick on them — and even if she gets reprimanded by them in their gentle ways — that will not stop her from launching another „attack.“  Layla is a little more calm than her sisters, but nonetheless a very active dog — no great surprise given that her parents were super athletes.


Test Results

HDB1 frei
ED0 frei
OCD0 frei
MDR1(N/N) frei
HSF4(N/N) frei (gen.)
CEA(N/N) frei
prcd-PRA(N/N) frei
NCL(N/N) frei
DM(N/N) frei
Dilute(D/D) frei (gen.)
Brachyurie(N/N) frei
Augenfrei (jährlich)
Gebisskorr. vollst. Schere


Even as a puppy, Layla displayed superiority over her sisters, and a quick glance in the direction of her siblings was enough to keep them at bay. She has a high frustration threshold and is very quick, particularly with regard to ripping leaves and branches from flower pots undetected.

Like her mother and father, Layla is highly intelligent and a quick study. When playing with toys designed to enhance a dog’s intelligence, it only takes her a few seconds to figure out which parts she has to move in order to reach the food. Even as a puppy, she expressed a great interest in learning tricks. Layla, just like her parents, is a dog that knows everything better and constantly tries to get her way.

What is particularly amusing about her is the way she wiggles her butt, which has earned her the nickname, Dancer. Her movements are so exaggerated that you would swear her spine is made of fishbones. The concept of butt wiggling takes on a whole new meaning with Layla. It is almost frightening how similar Layla is to Josie.

Layla is an extremely agile dog that is always on the go and wants to be amused by everything. With strangers, she often shows typical Aussie reserve at first, but then her penchant for snuggling, coupled with her passion to run around, comes into full play 🙂

We are very proud of Layla and are eager to find out how she will develop further 🙂



We will have to wait on that a little while 🙂