Blue Mountain’s faithful soul ”Maisy”

Australian Shepherd Züchter aus Krefeld (NRW)

BLUE MOUNTAIN’S Faithful Soul DNA-VP ”Maisy”

Mai­sy was born Oc­to­ber 2011 and she is our red mer­le snow­fla­ke. Com­pared to Jo­sie, she is a more quiet and re­ser­ved dog. Mai­sy li­kes to first sur­vey the sce­ne from a di­stance, but then joins in to see ever­y­thing up close.

Mai­sy is re­al­ly a ty­pi­cal Aus­sie. With stran­gers, she can so­me­ti­mes be re­ser­ved (for a to­tal of about 2 se­conds … ) and then, once she has es­tab­lished trust, lets her hap­py and fri­end­ly per­so­na­li­ty come through.

Mai­sy an­noun­ces all vi­si­tors with loud bar­king, while Jo­sie will put on a gre­at show boun­cing around a visitor 🙂


Mai­sy li­kes to learn new tricks. She is a quick stu­dy and will pick up tricks – as well as mis­deeds – from Jo­sie fas­ter than we would like. Mai­sy is not afraid to fol­low us any­whe­re we go, she has even mas­te­red the ex­po­sed stair­ca­se. Go­ing shop­ping in the noi­sy city on Sa­tur­day af­ter­noons is ex­ci­ting for her; she espe­ci­al­ly li­kes all the pet­ting she gets from the sa­les clerks.

Her fa­vo­ri­te hob­by is vi­si­ting the pan­try, whe­re she can sniff every bag of food. She is also a big fan of food ven­dors on the street, par­ti­cu­lar­ly tho­se sel­ling french fries, sin­ce it is very con­ve­ni­ent to in­con­spi­cuous­ly sneak by the chi­cken grill and look for stray fries un­der­neath the coun­ter. Our cudd­le-bear li­kes to rough-house with Jo­sie or the other dogs in the yard. She cer­tain­ly knows how to play with a throw toy and will re­trie­ve it to the point of ex­haus­ti­on (I am, of cour­se, re­fer­ring to the per­son thro­wing the toy).

Test Results

HDA1 frei
ED0 frei
OCD0 frei
MDR1(+/+) frei
HSF4(+/-) Trä­ger
CEA(+/+) frei
PRA(+/+) frei
CMR1(+/+) frei
NCL(+/+) frei
DM(+/+) frei
Di­lute(+/+) frei
Brachy­urie (+/+) frei
Ge­bisskorr. vollst. Schere


Mai­sy is in­te­res­ted in all things cu­lina­ry and li­kes to try new fla­vors. She will vir­tual­ly stop at not­hing, and will get any­thing that is not nai­led down. If we throw a pie­ce of food too far into the bus­hes, she will con­ti­nue to re­mem­ber that she has not found that par­ti­cu­lar mor­sel. You can be sure that Mai­sy will pass near the spot in the next few days to check it out.

Mai­sy is very at­ten­ti­ve, and is easy to gui­de and to train. For ex­am­p­le, she walks per­fect­ly on a leash wi­t­hout prac­ti­ce, and fol­lows com­mands quick­ly and cor­rect­ly. As a pup­py, Mai­sy see­med to be so­me­what afraid and re­ser­ved. She did not like at all to ride in a car, for in­s­tance. But th­rough spe­cial trai­ning, she has grown up to be­co­me a self-con­fi­dent young lady. By now, she en­joys car ri­des as much as Jo­sie, even if she ge­ne­ral­ly sleeps in the trunk while Jo­sie counts pas­sing cars … Du­ring our walks, Mai­sy loves to pick up sticks and car­ry them around for a while, or chew them. It is rare to see Mai­sy wi­t­hout a stick in her mouth.

In the evenings, Mai­sy en­joys be­ing pet­ted and ha­ving her bel­ly rub­bed. Just like her (hu­man) Dad, she is a to­tal cudd­le-bear who lays ab­so­lut­e­ly mo­ti­on­less to be pet­ted. Even as a pup­py, she made a beeli­ne for Josie’s bas­ket, and to this day, she knows which spots are soft and com­for­ta­ble: her (hu­man) Mom’s pil­low, for example …

Mai­sy ab­so­lut­e­ly loves her cra­te and li­kes to sleep in it at night. She has a look of ut­ter con­s­ter­na­ti­on if the door to it is clo­sed or an­o­ther dog is in­si­de. When Mai­sy falls in love with a per­son, she will ”stalk” that in­di­vi­du­al to no end: She will fol­low that person’s every foot­step and keep a clo­se eye on every move. This is how she ear­ned her name, ”faithful soul.” 

Du­ring walks, Mai­sy can be ea­si­ly led on a leash. When al­lo­wed to run free, she stays wi­thin a 3 me­ter cir­cum­fe­rence of us (or Jo­sie). On warm sum­mer days, she li­kes to lounge with us on the ter­race or take a nap in a bas­ket pre­pared espe­ci­al­ly for her. Most peo­p­le are im­me­dia­te­ly ta­ken with Maisy’s calm and lo­ving de­me­an­or and her ex­tra­or­di­na­ri­ly soft fur. She is ab­so­lut­e­ly ir­re­sis­ti­ble and you can’t help but want to pet her and cudd­le with her.

Mai­sy is very tal­ka­ti­ve, which can be very fun­ny. When she lays down in her bas­ket (more ap­pro­pria­te­ly, plops down in her bas­ket), she lets out a soft grunt. When we are cuddling, she also grunts a litt­le, and you can tell that she is re­al­ly en­joy­ing the pet­ting. With Mai­sy, the cu­ten­ess fac­tor is ex­tre­me­ly high. Mai­sy is a litt­le like a cuddly cat. If the­re were tote bags for dogs (and su­re­ly the­se are available so­me­whe­re), Mai­sy would be the first to spend the en­ti­re day in one.

Mai­sy can also be a si­tua­tio­nal co­me­di­an … she loves to bur­row un­der­neath the bed co­vers like a cat, lea­ving only her sn­out sti­cking out. She is very fun­ny and her an­ti­cs, like ta­king off at full speed in no par­ti­cu­lar di­rec­tion and sud­den­ly stop­ping with a con­fu­sed look on her face, never fail to make us laugh.