Australian Shepherd Züchter aus Krefeld (NRW)

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– Wir haben zauberhafte Welpen von Josie und Luke

–>The two of us, Jennifer and Mirko, live together with our three Australian Shepherds Josie, Maisy, and Layla, as well as our house cat, Mickey, in a country home located outside the city of Kaarst (NRW – North Rhine Westphalia, Germany).

Our Aussies are an integral part of our family and they participate in all of our daily activities with a great deal of eagerness, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Long walks through the surrounding fields, learning new tricks — and, of course, lots of cuddling — enrich our daily life and that of our our dogs and their puppies.

The Australian Shepherd

Learn all about the Australian Shepherd in our book: characteristics of the breed, how to care for them, train them, and keep them busy!


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Raising Puppies

Our puppies are born in the family home (non-smoking household) and, from day one, are gently exposed to the cacophony of everyday life so they can get accustomed to it: household appliances, ringing telephones, vacuum cleaners, TVs, music, etc.

Within the first weeks of life, we work on establishing a positive bond between people and puppies through petting, feeding, short games, and exercises.

The puppies also get to know our cat, Mickey, as well as the other dogs. As soon as the little ones are steady on their four legs, they are allowed to explore the rest of the house and yard to further stimulate their senses. Once the puppies are 4 weeks old, we welcome visitors, both adults and children, to interact with the puppies by appointment

When, after 8 weeks, we place our puppies into the loving arms of their new families, they will have been microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and tested for genetic eye diseases.

We enjoy staying in contact with the owners of our puppies and look forward to receiving new photos of our former charges from time to time.

Breeding Goals

Our Australian Shepherd breeding efforts focus on show-dog lineage, and characteristics we aim to achieve in our puppies include excellent health, strong character, and an even temperament. Our puppies are robust, people-oriented, and display great eagerness to please. Of course, looks are also important, and a pleasing appearance is also one of our goals.

Our dog pairings are carefully thought out and long in the making. We strive for perfection. When considering stud dogs, we not only look for excellent health and appearance, but also put special emphasis on the dog’s even temperament.

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