Australian Shepherd Züchter aus Krefeld (NRW)

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Currently Planned Litters

We are planning a litter for summer/fall 2014 from the pairing of our Josie with the Champion CH Carolina Calais Tah Daaah W’13 NJK LJK BJW’11 „Cooper“. Their puppies are expected to be born at the end of July; they will be released, at the earliest, by the end of August/early September.

If you are interested in puppies from this pairing, we recommend that you register as an Interested Party. We have provided more information regarding puppy development and socialization here.

Blue Mountain’s
The One ‚N‘ Only „Josie“



Expected fur colors:

  • Blue-Merle
  • Red-Merle
  • Black-Tri
  • Red-Tri

Only puppies with long tails are born.

Puppies from Maisy & Stuart

On February 16, 2014, Maisy gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies: four males and four females, three red-tri and one red-merle for each sex.

Puppies may be cuddled by visitors as of March 16 (by appointment). They will be ready to be released starting April 13.

„Luna“ (Red-Merle Female)

Interest expressed by Juline & Patrick

„Smilla“ (Red-Tri Female)

Interest expressed by Nadine & Family

„Mila“ (Red-Tri Female)

Interest expressed by Laura & Ben

„Chewie“ (Red-Tri Male)

Interest expressed by Janine & Family

„Desmond“ (Red-Tri Male)

Interest expressed by Selina & Family

„Amy“ (Red-Tri Female)

Interest expressed by Sarah & Dimitri

„Fynn“ (Red-Tri Male)

Interest expressed by Kerstin & Family

„Sammy“ (Red-Merle Male)

Interest expressed by Franziska & Family

Release of the Puppies

At the age of 8 weeks, our puppies are allowed to move into their new homes. By then, they will have made great strides in their development. When they are released, they have been vaccinated, mircochipped, and dewormed. Additionally, all puppies undergo an eye exam by a licensed ophthalmologist (eye specialist) to test for genetic eye diseases.

All of our puppies receive a welcome packet that contains, among other things, the following items:

  • ALSA-food for the first few days
  • Medical test results of the parents
  • Eye exam results of the respective puppy
  • ASCA Registration Form
  • Tasso Registration Form
  • EU-Vaccination Record
  • and a surprise gift!

Of course, we are always available to answer questions and give advice to new owners of our puppies even after purchase. We look forward to receiving updates on our puppies and their families, as well as current photos of our former charges.