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Visitor Information

When you come for a visit, we ask that you observe a few rules to ensure the wellbeing of our puppies and that of the breeders.

First of all, the most important rule: please make an appointment in advance by phone or e-mail for every visit.

Dress code

Please wear fresh clothes and clean shoes that you have not worn to a dog park or another breeder.

Puppies can easily get sick and even die from bacteria brought in by you. Please refrain from ‚puppy tours‘ and do not spread germs from one breeder to the next.

If you are suffering from a cold, it is best to postpone your visit. Not only are the puppies at risk of infection — but also the breeders. And breeders who have to stay in bed are no fun for the puppies, either 🙂

A helpful hint in terms of dress code: Please avoid items like chains, long earrings, crocheted tops, shoes with laces, and other articles of clothing in which dogs can get caught when jumping on you, or can get tangled in while chewing. No need to wear your fine jewelry for us!

If you have long hair, it might be best to pull it back. Puppies gnaw at absolutely everything.

We are not liable for ruined or dirtied clothes, nor earrings that have been ripped out.


Even though your intentions are good, please do not bring any treats for our dogs or puppies. Our dogs are well-fed, and, surely you will not need a bribe to get attention. Our dogs constitute a pack, and within a pack, food can be cause for fighting. These fights for rank within the pack may be intensified by the addition of the newly-born puppies. It will be easier for everyone — us, the dogs, and you — if you accept the situation as it is.

Adult dogs do not tolerate changes in food well — and puppies even less so. Every day a new treat from a new visitor is a recipe for digestive problems, guaranteed.

We also ask that you leave all toys at home. Similar to food, a toy can also be a source of competition with similar consequences. Furthermore, to the mother, the squeaking sounds made by most toys is very close to the yelps of her puppy — and this can only result in stress and confusion.

Although some recommend bringing a blanket to a breeder in order to absorb the scent of the puppy (or you), we do not ascribe to this philosophy. Your dog at home will smell where and with whom you were anyway. And this here is not the home of just your puppy . . . to put another way: we are not a lost and found 🙂

Other animals

Please do not bring your other pets along on a visit — regardless of whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or mice. Animals can have fleas, worms, and ticks. These are generally harmless to the affected animals, but these parasites can pose a serious threat to puppies.

Under no circumstances are other dogs allowed when we have puppies. No exceptions will be made to this rule. We will not let you into our house if you insist on being accompanied by your pets.

If you are concerned that the new puppy is not a good match for your already existing pet, you cannot get assurances one way or the other by bringing your pet here. Your dog/pet considers your home to be its territory and will act completely differently there. A meeting between new and existing pets can be orchestrated in many ways, and we will be happy to discuss options with you.


You are welcome to bring your children or your partner along on a visit.

But please bear in mind that our home has only limited space, and that the puppies are still very young and can take only so much stimulus. That means that we have to limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 3 to 4 persons per visit.

Space limitations and the age of the puppies are the main reasons for this rule. But another important aspect is that these visits are the only opportunity for us to observe whether you and the puppy are a good match. We can make this judgment only if we have a chance to watch you interact with the puppy. The more people there are, the less one-on-one time there is for each person with the puppy.


It is important that you are calm and quiet when visiting with the puppies. The little ones are still very young and easily stressed or over-stimulated. They need to be slowly and gently accustomed to our hectic lives. We make every effort to socialize the puppies as much as possible — but in a timeframe of only a few weeks it is unrealistic to expose them to every circumstance.

We ask that you explain to your children that puppies are extremely vulnerable, and that they can be handled only with the utmost care and consideration. Dropping a puppy may be fatal to the puppy!

Since we are the ones who know our pack best, we ask that you listen and adhere to our instructions.

The opening of dog crates, yard doors, or puppy runs without expressed consent is not allowed.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours at our home are generally in blocks of approximately 90 minutes per visit. You are welcome to visit 2 to 3 times prior to the release of the puppies, depending upon how often other interested parties would like to visit.

During your visit, there is more than enough time to cuddle with the puppies and get to know them. We will also have a chance to exchange ideas, and build our relationship with you.

Here is a more detailed explanation as to why we have to limit the time of the visits: Not only are the puppies able to absorb only so much activity, but visiting „your“ puppy is extremely stressful for the mother. Think about it: a perfect stranger is petting, loving on, and carrying around your offspring — doing all the things that only you would normally do. No mother is going to ignore this kind of behavior.

Visits during Week 8

During the last week prior to release, the puppies must undergo several stressful exams and tests. Additionally, they are dewormed one more time.

We want to make sure that all preparations for their move have been completed — and want to have the chance to say good-bye to the little cuddlies with whom we have spent so much time.

Therefore, visits during week 8 are not possible.

Other visitors during weaning

The interested parties would like to visit with their puppies as much as possible, and they have priority during weaning. Other visitors are generally not allowed during this time.

Because this happens from time to time: Visits to „pet a puppy“ may be well-intentioned, but we and our puppies are not a petting zoo 🙂

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